In order to maintain output in the face of major environmental variations, an agricultural production system that is both flexible and robust is essential. Despite the fact that Indian farmers have developed a wide variety of coping mechanisms over the years, none of them have proven to be an effective response strategy in the face of both the increasing frequency and severity of extreme events and the slow but steady shifts in climate parameters such as surface temperature increases, shifts in rainfall patterns, higher evapotranspiration rates, and deteriorating soil moisture conditions. In order to make Indian farming more resistant to climate change, it is vital that scientists and farmers work together to find solutions. In addition, the Mission would work to protect India's agricultural heritage in order to use indigenous knowledge to implement in-situ conservation of genetic resources for use in NRM.

Sustainable Development Goals

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Sustainable Agriculture

Organic /Natural Farming
  • 5365 farmers were trained and practicing Sustainable agriculture methods.
  • 150 model plots were developed by master farmers.
  • 1250 ha have been converted to natural farming methods by 3745 student farmers.
  • 525 units of drip, 460 units of sprinklers through convergence form Agriculture department.

Sustainable Fisheries

Providing Capacity Building Trainings to Marine Fisher folk
  • Trained more than 18500 individuals on Sustainable fishing practices.
  • Trained 450 women on Quality Dry fish production.

Drought Proofing Technologies and Water User Groups Project

Reviving Lost Bio Diversity and Restoration of Commons through Village Institutions
  • More than 255000 saplings were planted in the working areas.
  • Treated 18697 ha of common lands and done mapping for 22384 ha of common lands.

Community Owned Rural Solid Waste Management

Providing Solar Energy
  • 41310 Metric Tons of waste Handled/ Landfill controlled.
  • Providing 10 units for library, and 4 units for school.

Social Impact

Social Impact




Fishing Practice



14 Units

Solar Energy