Drought Proofing technologies 
and Water User Group Projects

Drought Proofing Technologies and Water User Group Projects

Natural Resources are severely stressed and losing their natural renewing characters owing to climate change. SEARCH is working towards fighting this through our sustained approach of watershed management and drought proofing which has led to bio diversity regeneration, recharge of groundwater levels which has led to increased crop productivity, fodder and water availability.

Our efforts have led to:

  • Increase in Soil Organic Carbon
  • Increase in Ground water Level
  • Reduction in Soil Erosion and increase in soil moisture
  • Increase in Crop Yields



Watershed Development in Dry Land Areas

Establishment of Rain Water Harvesting System

Degenerating Water Bodies

Reviving Lost Bio Diversity & Restoration of Commons Through Villages Institutions

Water Management and Soil & Moisture Conservation

Social Impact

Social Impact


Farm Land Treated for Controlling of Soil Erosion and Moisture


Large Tanks for water Storage & Percolation


Water User Groups


Sunken Ponds